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How To Install Blogger Template

Follow this simple guide to install your Favourite Blogger Template:

1. Click on the Download button and save file to PC (.xml format).

2. Log in Blogger dashboard.

3. Go to Template section → Backup/Restore.

4. Click on Download Full Template to Backup your previous template.

5. Upload a template from a file on your hard drive by click Browse option button.

6. Click Upload button, a confirmation message will appear. Click on Keep Widgets.

Now you're done.

Or watch the clip below if you're still confused:

How To Install Blogger Template How To Install Blogger Template Reviewed by Sora Blogging Tips on October 17, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Really amazing templete for bloggers

  2. Cool, just bought this template man.
    I suppose we also must remember to chose the mobile theme?

    1. To use a custom template, you must disable the mobile template.

  3. What if we wait to disable the mobile template? My blog is not showing mobile responsive now, even though I changed it.


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