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How To Install Logo In Your Blog

To Add Logo in this theme you can follow this step:
  1. on Dashbord Blogger Click Layout
  2. Click Edit (Left Header Widget Area.)
  3. Add the logo image
  4. Click Save
How To Install Logo In Your Blog How To Install Logo In Your Blog Reviewed by Sora Blogging Tips on October 17, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Hello SORA templates.

    Just bought the theme and tried to setup a logo (132x62 px), but something covers it at the bottom. Logo image is a flying saucer and something of it is missing at the bottom, can you help?

    1. Hello again and thx for fast reply !!

      The logo issue is solved for now, just made it a bit smaller from 132x62 to 132x52 pixels, and it fits in for now :)

      Well I just bought mSora premium template and I worked with it the last couple of days (and nights), and I am very satisfied, but some questions comes up in the process with learning my new theme.

      QUESTIONS (2):

      1. I made use of the shortcodes "recentposts" and "randomposts" for custom widgets in both sidecar and footer, and they serve those 4 posts only. But I would like them to serve other values, fx 8 posts. Where can I change those numpost values for "recentposts" and "randomposts" in the code ??

      2. I tried really hard for months to figure out how to place my own custom code AFTER search results and label results on the same page those results appear! Because below those search/label results, I want a Google Custom search FORM. Is that possible with mSora template?

      Hope you can help me?

      Thank you very much,

    2. Forget my question about recentposts and randomposts numbers, I solved it. But the thing about the search- and label results pages and how to get things under the results is important for me.

      I have the Item# number if you need to see it.

      My site:

    3. Do you want to use google custom search, with this template.

    4. Yes, if it not cause too much problems :)

    5. A tutorial is comming soon for the custom search widget. But for your search widget positon, it's a part of customization, please contact us through emails.

  2. Hi. Nice design on your sora template. Wanted to ask though, what is the most appropriate resolution i.e width and height to insert a header?

    1. depend's on your template, for reference we provide actual logo with template file.

  3. hello
    how do i the text of the button "shop now" to translate to spaish "comprar ahora"?

  4. What is the banner size of faster blogger template

  5. Hello Flexzine logo is just in my blog, how do I change it to my own logo?

  6. Replies
    1. Depends upon your theme, if your theme supports layout options thene it can be done easily.


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