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How To Setup Meed Blogger Templates

Meed Blogger Template

Meed is a blogger blogger template made with perfection. It brings immersive experience to your viewers. It’s crafted for blogging. It’s very flexible and intuitive blogger theme for you, whether you’re a fashion blogger, beauty chaser, world traveler, adventurer or all of the above. Meed Blogger Template is just right for you. Meed is equipped with various of widgets which will help you to publish your blog more professionally. To make it easy for you we have published this detailed documentation, so that you can setup your blog correctly. You have made a good decision by choosing our template.
You can check the live demo or download the template through the button below and also Please Read this documentation carefully in order to set up your blog and please note that there’s no support for free users.

Header Description

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Header Description widget in "Theme Options".

Social Top

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Social Top widget.

Icons Available { facebook, twitter, google, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, instagram }

Main Menu/DropDown

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Main Menu widget.

Normal Link : Features
Sub Link: _Full Width

Main Slider

Access your blog Layout > click Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript on Main Slider Section, and then add one of the following

Recent Posts: <div class="recent" data-results="4"></div>
Label / Tag Ex: <div class="label" data-label="Fashion" data-results="4"></div>


Access your blog Layout > click Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript on Sidebar or Footer section, you must place the following codes highlighted in blue below.

Recent Posts: <div class="recentposts"></div>

Random Posts: <div class="randomposts"></div> 

blogger themes, blogspot templates, blogger template

Recent Comments: <div class="recentcomments"></div>

After add, click save.

Pagenavigation Results

Access your blog Theme > click Edit Html and then find the following coding.

var POSTPERPAGE_NUM = 7; // number of posts per page
var LABEL_SEARCH_NUM = 7; // number of posts labels search

Change the value of   POSTPERPAGE_NUM = 7;   from 7 to any number you want .
Change the value of   LABEL_SEARCH_NUM = 7;  from 7 to any number you want (Label).

Facebook Page Plugin:

<center><div class="fb-page" data-href="" data-width="360" data-small-header="false" data-adapt-container-width="true" data-hide-cover="false" data-show-facepile="true"></div></center>

Comments System

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Comments System widget.
Add one of the following provisions

blogger for blogger comments
facebook for facebook comments
disqus for disqus comments

Disqus Shortname

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Disqus Shortname widget.
  • What you have to do is just add the shortname

Theme Options

  1. Header Description:
  2. To display the description click the "Edit", add your description and click "Save".

  3. Related Posts Display:
  4. To hide the related posts add none, to redisplay add block.

Fonts & Colors

Access your blog Template > click Customize.

Colors & Fonts

Installation And Custom Services

We provide plenty of templates for free but if you want something unique for your blog then let us create a unique design for your blog, Just tell us your needs and we will convert your dream design into reality. We also Provide Blogger Template Installation Service. Our Installation service gives you a simple, quick and secure way of getting your template setup without hassle.

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  1. why, my recent posts, random posts, and related posts on my blog didn't displayed?
    this is my blog

    and... sry for bad english...

    1. Follow the documentation carefully, put your blog feed settings to full and add at least one label in your post.

    2. Thank !

  2. Hello please can you help me i wanna add categorie like home also for example music download news just like Home and i wanna have posts inside how can i do that ?

  3. how to make multi commenct system ?

    1. this template doesn't supports multi comments.

  4. how can i show more than 3 items in recent posts?

    1. requires coding skills. search for these codes in your template.

      var WIDGET_RECENT_POST_NUM = 3; // show number of results - widget recent posts
      var WIDGET_RANDOM_POST_NUM = 3; // show number of results - widget random posts
      var WIDGET_RECENT_COMMENT_NUM = 3; // show number of results - widget recent comments

      change the values.

  5. I tried to follow your instruction on setting the header. Then the news ticker beside the BREAKING widget stopped. What mistake did I make? Thank you.

    1. There is a tutorial about it in our blog here is the link.

  6. hello. there is a way to make the menu right to left -rtl-? (just the menu)

  7. You have to convert the template and your blog to RTL.

    1. umm.. how i can do it? i try to add dir="rtl" to the body tag but it didnt work.. :/

    2. dir="rtl" just transform the text alingment, to adjust the alignment of widgets you have to change the css. Please purchase our service to make it happen.

    3. um.. :/ thanks anyways..

  8. Replies
    1. Are you talking about whole blog background?

    2. Yes. To the start page - not the color (# F3F3F3) was. So that there was a background image.

    3. A tutorial is coming soon, please subscribe to our notification to get notified.

  9. Why on a mobile device, photos are distorted?

    1. Choose original size in settings while uploading images or simply click the image in post setting and choose original size option.

  10. great template... big thanks to you

  11. awesome template. and thank you very much for the help. I'm having trouble showing more than 3 post snippets on the home page. can you help?

    1. Remember one thing you have to keep the post count same in your blog settings and pagination widget.

      There is a limit of 1mb from blogger side, only 1mb of images or text you can show in home page and you are exceeding that limit and that is the reason rest of the post is going on next page, there is not any solution, but you can try page break after 1st paragraph in every post, may be this will help.

  12. How to generate social media icons

    1. We have covered that in this documentation, please check above.

  13. why is the facebook widget not loading or takes longer to load most times ! help

    1. Facebook widget works on third party API, so it will take some time to get load from their servers to your blog.

    2. Thanks for the reply, is there any way to add next and previous post below a post. and how can i increase the width of the templates. thanks again

    3. Sorry we can't provide support on additional customization rather than solving issues or bugs, if you want to customize your template then buy our blog customization service.

    4. I'm about to purchase this template, I hope ... When I do I will get the customizations ? For next and previous post. Or do I need to pay for something else.. If I need plz direct me with a link. Thanks.

    5. Anything related to customization will cost you extra.


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