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Making Blogger Professional, Important Updates !!

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How to Reduce Noise from Images

People take photos of different things in their daily lives. These can include friends, memories of social outings, and landscapes. Photography is something that has attracted some of the best minds from around the world over the past few decades. Watching and capturing the world through a lens is something that many people dream about. This trend of photography has only become more popular since the internet became omnipresent. People now upload photos of almost everything on their various social media handles on different sites. 

Blogging has given a huge boost to the sharing of photos. There are entire blogs dedicated to different genres like music, bikes, art, and landscapes, and so on. These blogs post a variety of images related to one topic and have enthusiastic followers from around the world who follow their posts. Many people contribute content to the blogs and making them a portal for crowd sourced and curated content. In this segment, we bring you some information about image processing before putting images up on blogs. 

Raw images need editing

Once an image is clicked from a camera, it is not immediately upload-worthy. It needs to undergo a few cycles of editing before it becomes suitable to be uploaded on a blog. One must keep in mind that the image needs to be perfectly balanced and clear before being uploaded to be viewed by thousands of people. The editing is done to remove any minor flaws or discrepancies which the raw image might have.

Adjust the aspect ratio

Every image has an aspect ratio when it is clicked. Some professional cameras allow you to adjust this aspect ratio before clicking the image itself. More often than not, images are clicked with a default aspect ratio. This aspect ratio needs to be adjusted according to the needs of the blog. It is important for a blog to upload images with the same homogeneous aspect ratio.

Remove the noise

Most raw images having varying degrees of noise in them. Noise refers to the levels of unwanted signal or light picked up by the camera lens. A good photographer will click images with low noise while an amateur will not understand the difference. Regardless of the levels, the noise needs to be removed. Removing the noise will yield crisp and clear photos without any pixelation or graininess. This removal of noise can be done using an effective software like the 

Add borders

Many blogs choose to enhance the look of the images they post by adding a suitable border. If you wish to add this attribute to the images you post, you must edit the raw image to incorporate a suitable border after all other aspects of editing have been dealt with.
Editing images before uploading is a vital task which many blog owners perform to maintain the quality of their blogs. A few minutes of editing will ensure that crystal clear and perfect images go up on your blog.
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