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Making Blogger Professional, Important Updates !!

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4 Simple Ways for Beginners to Edit and Improve Videos for a Blog

Nowadays it is really fairly easy to record good videos for your blog, and assuming you have a decent mobile phone camera that should more than suffice. However, the one thing that you can do to improve your videos is learning a bit about how to edit them.

Although editing videos do require skill and experience, everyone has to start somewhere. More importantly, there are many simple ways to edit your videos that can improve them by leaps and bounds:

Tighten the cuts

One of the first steps to edit video is to trim out unwanted parts and join clips together – which is typically known as ‘cutting’. When you do cut your video, you should try to make the cuts ‘tight’ and aggressively trim as much dead time from the video without affecting its story.

It does take the experience to cut videos that are really tight, but by making an attempt you should definitely start to see some results.

Color correct the video

The best thing you can do to immediately improve your videos is to color correct them. That encompasses fixing issues with the exposure, white balance, ISO noise, and contrast so that the footage looks more like its actual appearance in real life.

Although that may sound complex, most editing software has automated tools for color correction that are a good starting point. From there you can proceed to experiment with the various color settings to make further improvements to it.

Crop the frame

If you would like to improve the composition of your video – crop the frame. It should be an easy enough task, and typically all you need to do is adjust and set the new frame in your editor as is the case with the Movavi video cropper.

It may be best to try to make your adjustments using simple composition rules as a guide. Just be careful you don’t crop too much, or the resolution will plummet.

Apply filters 

The filters in your video editing software will let you quickly make changes to the appearance of your video. Different software will have different filters available, but most will have a range that lets you alter the tone, style, and look of your footage.

Although applying filters may seem like ‘cheating’ a little bit, it is a good way for beginners to achieve the final look that they want their videos to have.

Make no mistake you aren’t going to end up with skills resembling a professional video editor overnight – but that is no reason to be discouraged. If you start with the ways listed above, you will be able to gradually get more experience and improve your skills along the way.

The key is to get started, make it a point to edit your videos as often as you can and experiment with ways to improve them. If you do that your skills with certainly blossom in the not too distant future. However, if you need a high-quality video for your blog or social media account but still can’t achieve the desired result on your own, order professional video editing services.

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