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Making Blogger Professional, Important Updates !!

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Step By Step Guide To Write SEO Friendly Content

Well, writing a seo friendly article is an art that could take your blog or your writing career to the next level.Anyone can write an article, but it takes a special kind of practice to write SEO optimized articles.

Everyone wants to grow their business without increasing marketing budget? If you want to do so, Then make sure you produce SEO friendly content. So let's go ahead and check, what are the best practices to write seo friendly content.

SEO Friendly websites with solid authority and a good backlink profile rank higher in the search engines, but I am not going to tell you everything you need to know about optimizing your website's content; that’s a whole other guide. But here is 2 simple tips you should follow in order to write SEO friendly content for your blog.

1. Keyword research and optimization 

You should remember one thing, always research about your keyword before starting to write the article, because without research your article will look uninterested and confusing, if you really want to make a difference for yourself or for your blog, then you have to research properly about your content. while researching, the most important thing you have to consider is the keyword and the topic of your content. You have to use the keyword, wisely enough, so that your article will look keyword rich and well optimized, but at the same time, you should not spam the article with the keyword, otherwise it will have a negative effect, we recommend you to use tools such as semrush, ahrefs for proper keyword research, it will help you out and at the same time, it will make your job easy enough, but remember one thing, these tools are premium and you have to pay a handsome amount of money per month, but the good thing is that these tools have trial offers which let you use them free for a certain time. If you like them, then you can buy their monthly membership plans. There are also free tools available, but we won't recommend them to you, because they are neither accurate nor reliable.

2. Content optimization

Without Awesome content, the seo strategy will be meaningless, you should always create content that is well written and well-phrased. Create an article that has high-quality content, that is appealing, vibrant, informational, detailed and unforgettable. Now that you have researched about your topic and ready to write a fabulous article, but while writing the content, you have to consider several things, like uses of proper post title and subheadings, interlinking your previous contents, optimizing the length of your article, optimizing your images, making the article social media friendly and try to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you consider these optimal techniques, while writing the content then the outcome will be rewarded in the form of a good ranking in various search engines. I want you guys to be able to start producing quality content, that is not only user friendly but also seo friendly. There are always other things you can do to maximize the seo friendliness of your content, but most importantly you have to follow these basic rules. If you feel that this video helped you, then Please like and share this video and don't forget to subscribe our channel
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